Thinking outside the box for retention…

A lot of people carryout projects and work around retention and employers often spend a lot of time and money thinking up complicated business wide retention schemes. I am a believer that one of the best retention techniques a company can adopt is sitting down with employees once they know they are unhappy or thinking about leaving and being able to discuss the situation over. This gives a clear view of why the employee is making the decision.
Talking to staff on a one to one basis provides the opportunity to find out the issues but also resell the business to the employee whose view might have taken a negative turn over their time working at their current employers. It is only human nature to think that the grass is greener on the other side and conducting an exit interview or speaking with the employee before they have decided to leave might make them realise that they are in the best job for them at the current time.
The average daily commuting time has dropped to a 10 year low to 47.5 minutes. There are many reasons why the daily commute could have dropped but having employees living closer to their place of work has many benefits for both the business and employee. A lot of the time little decisions and pieces of information often get over looked when people seek new employment.

It is important for a solid retention strategy that all areas that could affect the employee’s decision are identified and investigated.

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