Current climate issues

We constantly hear on the news about redundancies at the moment, does this mean that businesses don’t have to worry about retention techniques because there will be more people to recruit from? Well I believe the opposite is true. Being able to keep your best employees and helping your employees to feel secure in their job will help your business to come out of the “recession” a much better business.

Some businesses might make some redundancies as a quick win solution for cutting costs but this will negatively affect the company in the long run. Good examples are what Vauxhall and other car companies have had to do. They are being open and honest with their employees and hopefully the employees will recognise this and in the long run it will benefit the company. Too many companies will terminate employees contract, but will find it more expensive to replace them in the long run and lose confidence in staff they keep and future potential employees.

Business is not about the quick win solutions!

3 thoughts on “Current climate issues

  1. Becky Carey

    The rise in unemployment is fuelled by redundancies in the financial and IT sectors handed out over the past 18 months, which experts say have so far been hidden from official unemployment figures.

  2. Tod Carson

    —Startups account for most of the job growth in developed economies. Thanks to software, entrepreneurs are launching businesses with a third fewer employees than in the 1990s.

  3. Mollie Battle

    • Your state pension may be small, but it is funded by the government directly out of taxation and goes up with inflation each year. Unless the government goes bust (most unlikely) or reneges on its promises to update pensions each year (unlikely too), then this is one aspect of your financial life that has not been altered by the credit crunch.

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